Dear Devotees,

I have no idea how to begin to explain my absence since my new website went live but I’ll certainly try.

Not only have a bought myself a whole new Apple system which has been trying in the least but moving things over from the iPad to MacBook to iMac have tested the very few brain cells I have left :)…I also, for whatever reason had no way of accessing my own site re password and login issues but after so long I am now back and ready to get this spanking show back on the road.

So what will I be doing that’s different ? for starters I will be adding to my blog very regularly and adding to the members area often, adding whole new content, videos, photographs and lots more to keep your minds focussed on what’s best for you…and we all know what that is….right ?

I also want to blog about other things in life and not always about spanking, as much as I do love the subject so much I do have a wonderful life and some experiences I just want to share with a wider audience, if you’re not interested then simply scroll on by.

I am having a meeting with my tech chap on Monday to chat about many other ideas so feel free to contact me if you would like me to consider anything that may be of interest to you.

The website is still in its infancy with so much more to do but will have some teething issues so I ask that you bear with me….now, this leads me onto Paypal.

On my members area I take a subscription via PayPal, however after finding that I couldn’t transfer anything from it yesterday raised my concerns with them only to receive a generic reply saying that I could no longer use the service…not that i’d been able to anyway.

No real explanation but I’m thinking that the issue is to do with having my bank account in one name and the PayPal in the name of Miss Ophelia (you don’t need to have half a brain to work out that I do have another name)…but hey ho, this will be sorted out in the next couple of days and will be another option of paying the subscription.

If you have any concerns re your membership then please do let me know via email and I will endeavour to answer them.

I have also had a few emails go unanswered and I’ve found them weeks later sitting in an outbox that i’d not seen so I send my apologies to all those who have written and haven’t received a reply.

Right, that’s a small little catch up so say that I’m still here and still spanking, I will as I’ve said blog very often and add lots more content going forward…I must have 1000’s of photographs and videos to share so lets start with a couple of recent ones for you to enjoy.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Miss O