Away Games

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My Travels

While I am a loyal follower of Southampton FC (and would welcome spanking the whole team at times), AWAY GAMES here refers to my travels around the UK and the world.

Out Calls in the UK

When travelling, my sessions always take place in a hotel suite. For reasons of safety and security you will appreciate that you will need to come to me; I cannot go to you. I also always stay at nice hotels and I expect you to blend in and not look out of place.

For sessions away from my own home, I do need a non-refundable deposit in advance. The deposit is determined by the length of session, distance, etc. I cannot deviate from that rule. You can send the deposit by mail or online banking. It is only to ensure you are serious and to reserve your date/time for my visit.

When I have received your deposit, I will email you to confirm the date and time of our appointment.


During my disciplinary career, I have dealt out discipline spankings and canings in Germany, Switzerland, New York, California, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, and Japan. It is not a list I consider complete and I still regularly travel, so feel free to get in touch even if you are not in the UK. These days I regularly visit New York.

Bespoke Events

I have also had some rather enjoyable experiences when naughty chaps, whole groups of them, have found themselves being spanked publically. (There are many such stories from my life, but I’m saving those for my MEMBERS AREA – plus my visiting spankees of course, who often hear about them at my kitchen table).

Therefore, if you have a private bespoke event at which you would like to have my disciplinary skills, please feel free to make a written enquiry. Serious enquiries are welcomed.

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