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About Miss O

I was born into a disciplined world. My father was an aristocrat and ex cavalry officer, and extremely strict; it was common in families such as ours that children were seen but not to be heard. I had a Nanny, and it was her duty to administer to all my daily requirements and to keep a firm reign on my behaviour. Consequently I was frequently spanked from an early age until my early teens when Nanny was encouraged to use an extremely flexible boudoir cane. Strict as she was, I’d rather be dealt with by her than my father.

This regime gave me an urgent desire to try to administer some of my own medicine, and the opportunity came when my cousin was sent to spend a summer holiday with us. My father had several horses that he shared with my tall elegant mother, and I had a fiery pony (father would not allow me to ride anything docile) and spent most of the summer holidays taking it to competitions. Therefore I thought that it would be a good idea to use my cousin as a groom. He seemed keen on the idea and coming from an English public school, was quite used to polishing boots and keeping an almost military level of tidiness. He was also used to harsh and frequent corporal punishment, something that I was determined to exploit, and did.

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Finishing school at eighteen, I went to University to read physics where I made some of my best friends in life. It was here that I soon realised how other young women from a similar background also shared my interest in disciplining young gentlemen. Indeed, one of my closest friends invited me several years later to thrash her future husband on the night before their wedding – determined he should walk stiffly upright down the aisle.

After University, I travelled extensively throughout Europe and the Far East and no matter where I went, I always found that I was able to attract the submissive, just by my presence in a room. There were many times when those men found themselves across my knee; such was my need to provide discipline that at times I surprised even myself. A need to spank men seems to be innate within me and as a consequence I have dealt with men from modest backgrounds, tough hard working men as well as titans of industry, throughout the world.

It is not just my upbringing and background that leans me to be a natural and accomplished disciplinarian. I am six foot tall in my bare feet, making me six foot five in my highest heels and I have a cut glass English accent and know exactly what to use it for when scolding men.

Moreover, as someone who is used to handling powerful horses, I have a very strong arm. Therefore, on top of the above qualities I bring something unique to the disciplinary table: it is now the norm for me to give a spanking that lasts for over half an hour with my hand alone! I mention this because I know many men prefer the feel of the lady’s own hand across their bottom. As do I.

I should probably mention that prior to this half hour hand spanking, I provide a 15 minute warm up – which should give you some idea that when I say hand spanking, I don’t necessarily mean a light patting. Moreover, as you can I am sure imagine, should you be brave enough to request the feel of one of my implements, then your backside is certainly going to be paying for your misdeeds.

You see, I love what I do and practice it in both my professional and private life. If I don’t have a bottom to spank, I actually become rather bad tempered. I also absolutely believe men need discipline: they go off the rails, and they need to be focused and put back on track. A jolly good spanking, or thrashing, are the methods I prefer and champion.

Well, that will give you a flavour of the lady whose home you may soon be entering for your disciplinary needs. There is much more to say, and many stories to tell – and I often tell them in my before spanking chats. But I have decided to save them for my member’s area: a place I look forward to creating soon, so that I can get to know my naughty boys much better.

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