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Ophelia De Havilland

A Bespoke Disciplinary Experience: Unparalleled, Unavailable Elsewhere

Miss O believes that men need discipline.

I was born into a disciplined world. My father was an aristocrat and ex cavalry officer, and extremely strict. I had a Nanny, and it was her duty to administer to all my daily requirements and to keep a firm reign on my behaviour. Consequently, I was frequently spanked from an early age until my early teens when Nanny was encouraged to use an extremely flexible boudoir cane.

My Philosophy

I also absolutely believe men need discipline: they go off the rails, and they need to be focused and put back on track.

My Approach

I like to feel my hand on your bare buttocks, and I don’t mean a light patting. Should you be brave enough to request the feel of one of my implements, then your backside is certainly going to be paying for your misdeeds.

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Client Reviews

happy clients

“If you want a good spanking, look no further than Miss Ophelia. Whilst over her knee, she used nothing but her hand, but by the time she had finished, my bottom was red raw, and I had the marks for days. NEVER upset Miss Ophelia”

PM (also known as Twinkle)

I wanted a domestic styled encounter and Miss Ophelia dealt with me firmly and with some passion, pressing all my buttons to ensure I left with a happy heart and very sore bottom, wishing the session could go on and on.


“Miss Ophelia, THANK YOU for your kindness today. You really did give me rest. Please may I visit you again”??