session 010

I enjoy spanking you; I was born to it. I would rather be spanking than anything else. It takes a lady of my wholehearted commitment to make it truly enjoyable, and I like my spankees to come with a good sense of fun and humour, displaying honesty and respect.

Heavens! You weren’t joking when you said you enjoyed spanking men! Brilliant fun! Thanks so much!M.T. Hertfordshire.

Your discipline will take place in my own home, and it is entirely a domestic setting. I wear normal clothes that I feel comfortable in – I know what is appropriate for a disciplinary session. However, as I am six foot and always wear high-heels be warned, I will tower OVER most of you.

…I can’t remember when a lady made me feel so overawed.S.J. Wiltshire.

While I am a very friendly lady, please don’t confuse my amiability for weakness. Once you go up those stairs you are on your way to the spanking you want and need. A session with a disciplinarian who is as committed and able as me is not an event you will easily find elsewhere, and while I will of course accept and work to your limits, I will also encourage you to move to a new level – and remember: I can give a long, hard spanking with just my hand.

Nor do I need a reason to spank you; I am very capable of finding reasons to spank any man.

…Are you sure you don’t read minds?B.H. London

However if you have faults to admit, if you have a real need for genuine discipline and a severe punishment is needed, then that is what you will get. You won’t be the first man I’ve reduced to tears.

That was the most cathartic spanking I have ever had. It was also the first time I was trying not to earn extras of the cane. I normally like to earn extras, I love being naughty, but you cane so hard I knew straight away I did not want any more than I was already due. I was truly desperate to stay still – knowing that moving would mean having to take so many more! You’re old Nanny certainly knew how to teach discipline techniques! It was perfect though – thank you so much!M.J. Cambridgeshire.

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Despite that ability, the session will be as we have previously discussed (in which you will have also advised me whether you can be marked), and I can spank you lightly if you’re new to discipline or prefer lighter spankings. Just be aware, that should you be brave enough to ask for it, you will find I can thrash you much harder than you can bear.

Nonetheless, although M.J. above is right and I do cane extremely well (and have all the other traditional spanking implements to hand), my speciality is prolonged, traditional over the knee hand spanking. A typical session therefore would generally be formed of a 15 minute warm up hand-spanking before I start your main spanking of approximately 30 to 35 minutes – which will also be a hand spanking throughout, albeit much harder.  After that, if you had indicated the need for it and I feel that you require a more severe reminder for good behaviour, then that is exactly what you will get on top. I may take a hairbrush, or bath brush, slipper, cane, strap or even a crop to your deserving backside.

And if you have come for real and severe discipline, I recommend you read this testimonial MATTHEW’S FEEDBACK – and yes, he did come back.

Whatever your need, you will not only leave here having reached into the ‘zone’ but you will still be climbing as you drive home.