Where does the time go ?

It seems just yesterday that I was spanking all those delightful bottoms  in New York but it was actually in the middle of June.. how time flies,  my mother always said as soon as I get to be 21 the days just fly by so fast…. I scoffed and thought stupid woman but “Oh my” how true she was.

A lot has happened this year and as you notice I haven’t been on Twitter much at all or have been doing my blog so for that I can only apologise.. but when I arrived home from New York my elderly little dog as you all know Prunella had become unwell… it was with such a heavy heart and great sadness that a week after returning to the UK I decided to call the vet to end her journey in this life and start her on the exciting one in the next, he came to the cottage and as she laid on my lap getting one last cuddle I told her how much I loved her  and that one day I would cuddle her and tell her I loved her once again .. She went quickly and peacefully and to this day I miss her every day .

But….. Just one month on there is a new addition in my life he has four legs, he bites,  he growls,  he chews, he wee’s, he poos and sometimes I wish I could spank his bottom to teach him some manners but alas he is only 13 weeks old……he is called Metsi.

I had the most wonderful time in New York and I will return again in February and hope to see everybody that was laid over my lap once again…everyone was truly a delightful gentleman.

So back to today I thought I’d better write a piece for my blog and Twitter on this dreadfully miserable late summers day…talking of summer where was it ? The only way I could warm my hands up this summer was on the bottoms that I’ve been fortunate to spank !

I bought back from over the pond the most amazing array of new canes so when you next come and visit me…if the cane is your thing please do ask about them and if you’re lucky you may get to feel them.

I was asked me the other day why I spank, why I throughly enjoy spanking….I need it, I have an inherent part deep within me that I just have to have bottoms to spank, it’s also something that I believe in…I believe that men need, at times to be put on the straight and narrow, they need to focus and to remain focussed and a good spanking will give that focus.

What do you like to be spanked ? please do let me know I’m always interested.

Miss Ophelia

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