Victorian Birching Frame.

Hello all,

I have written once before about the authentic Victorian birching frame that I own and thought I’d write about it again.

I was gifted this many years ago by Thomas who used to own the “House of correction” in Eastbourne if anyone remembers that.

The frame was passed down to Thomas via an old headmaster who had been given it by someone that worked in an old reformatory years gone by.

We think from what we found out that the frame was made by some boys in the woodwork class at the instruction of the woodwork teacher.

It truly is an amazing piece of kit, it has 4 arms that would have held the legs and hands bound with leather straps which are still attached, there is the middle section that lifts up where the middle body would have laid, each arm has hinges on it so the entire thing folds up very small so it could have been put in a cupboard and bought out at times of punishment.

The most interesting part for me is that there are some boys names etched into the frame with how many strokes they had taken.

So many people over the years have asked me to sell it which I’ve been reluctant to do, I spoke to the museum of justice and they were very interested in it as they’d not seen one like this before, mainly there were birching blocks or stand up frames, not ones that were put on the floor or even desk.

The boys that went over it I believe were small or young as i can’t imagine an older larger person being able to be strapped to it.

I will add some more photos of it on Twitter.

I would consider selling it as it is kept in a trunk at Blaze Bottom Cottage where no one gets to see it, I think it should be displayed somewhere.

Please email me if you have an interest….I will add that I would never consider selling this unique one off piece for peanuts.

Miss O