Updated travel schedule USA-CANADA

I have rescheduled my tour and am pleased to announce the newest dates;

Up until the 17th March I will be at a beautiful beach house on Long Beach Long Island….now, I understand that Long Island is big but where I’m staying is so very easy to get to….it is located on the South shore of Long Island, 25 miles from midtown Manhattan and 15 minutes drive from JFK international airport.

18-20 March; Toronto

22-25 March; Chicago

27-28 March; Phoenix

29-30 March; Portland

1-2 April; Vancouver

I have had to amend these and clip off some dates as i was quite under the weather for some time where I couldn’t possibly spank the delightful bottoms belonging to those who needed to be spanked.

I do like to be 100% spanking fit and that takes strength…you’ll be all pleased to know that I’m now back to spanking fitness.

Miss Ophelia