I’m so very sorry if you have emailed me and still haven’t had a reply from me, here’s why..

For the last few weeks I have had terrible issues with my internet connection at home, I have written so many emails in reply to people who have emailed me only to find half way through that the internet connection dies and I lose everything that I’ve written.

I’m usually very quick at replying to all emails and so this has been rather difficult to have to deal with.

It has been incredibly frustrating and have had to wait weeks for an engineer to come out, thankfully he will be arriving on Friday and the problem will be sorted as I’m having fibre broardband connected.

I’m asking that if you have been waiting to hear from me that you please just wait a little longer and that you’ve not been forgotten.

I’m typing this super fast and hope that it gets posted before the connection is lost again.

Thank you for your patience

Miss Ophelia


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