Time off !

Hello once again,

Well the time has come for another announcement that I will be having a couple of months off from the beginning of November this year, firstly I need a little break so I’m off for a little holiday and on my return in late November I will be having a total knee replacement which in all honesty I’m dreading !

After 18 months and 3 surgeries I’m going under the knife again….surely there is not much more of me to cut up, stitch up or remove 😂 but the knee needs doing and I’ve put it off for too long.

So, having anyone over my knee for a jolly good spanking will not be possible for a while although I am hoping that I’ll still be able to spank in other positions and having surgery doesn’t stop me swinging a cane does it ?

I am taking appointments now for the next 3 weeks so please do get in touch if you need to see me.

Can you imagine what type of mood I’ll be in after not spanking for a while…..oh I do pity the first person that takes position over my knee on my return.