Time flies

Hello everybody,

If you follow my twitter feed you will know why I have been absent for quite some time, for those of you that don’t know I will explain.

Not long ago my elderly dog Prunella had a suspicious lump removed that came back as malignant then a couple of weeks ago 2 more little lumps appeared and her vet decided that they ought to be removed too, anyhow, yesterday her biopsy came back and they are nothing to worry about so although I have a little dog with huge amounts of stitches in her belly she is very well and is happy.

Once again I’ve just had to rewrite the above because for some reason my iPad decides that it will just make my writing disappear at the top touch a button….I haven’t the time or the patience for this, I have been using the Siri part and when I press “done” poof…as if by magic the whole things is swiped away, I’m now typing…or trying to type, it’s like watching a 3 year old type.

sSo, what have I been doing other than nursing Pru ?

I have fortunately seen some lovely gentlemen with delightful bottoms…spanking calms me, if I don’t have bottoms to spank I’m the most ferocious madam around…if I was anymore of a bitch I’d have puppies !

I have taken a few photographs of spanked bottoms which I will try to add to this blog…although hold onto your hats….I might just blow if they end up in the ether too.

I will not add your names to them unless you want me too, I’m sure you’ll all recognise your own derrière and my handiwork.

So, another year is nearly over and in this year I’ve met so many lovely people, connected on Twitter with ones I’ve yet to meet and look forward to meeting other new comers, I do love a new bottom to spank as well as returning bottoms.

Im going to publish this now before it disappears but will be back shortly with a great tale from yesterday…..

Miss Ophelia