The toughest journey

So, back on November 21st I had a total knee replacement plus new knee cap, I never appreciated the journey that this would take me on both physically and mentally.

After hearing many much older people say “oh I had a knee replacement and I sailed through it” made me feel dreadfully hopeless, then usually I’d find that said person had a partial replacement which is totally different as are hip replacements…there is nothing to compare to a total knee replacement I can tell you.

I went into having this operation with a somewhat blasé attitude thinking I’d be back to spanking gentlemen over my knee in about a month…. that wasn’t anywhere near the case.

I was only in hospital for 3 days and then went to spend the first week with a friend which was a great help, I’d have never have coped on my own.

I came home and every single day turned into Groundhog Day, when I say I was getting just between 1-2 hours of broken sleep aided only by morphine my life was literally turning into a sleep deprived nightmare.

As a lot of you know this was my 4th operation in just 2 years so it has somewhat ruled my life for quite some time now.

I have managed to walk without crutches recently and have started to take the hounds out each day for approximately a mile and a half, I have physio every 2 weeks and do my exercises everyday to try and build the quads which will stabilise the new knee in time…the physio is bloody painful but no pain no gain as they say, I do however maintain that it is i that gives pain and I’m not the one that should be receiving it.

In about the last 10 days I feel that I’ve “turned a corner” in my recovery, I’m still not sleeping that well but better than I was, I still have a swollen knee which hopefully will start to go down over the next few weeks/months, the pain comes and goes and I’m learning to live with it for the moment.

Today I’ve started taking appointments again which I’m really pleased about, what I am saying to people is that if you’re over my knee having your bottom spanked and I do have to change position then so be it, I’m sure still being over my knee but having your upper body supported by the bed wouldn’t be so bad…after all, you’ll still be leaving with a well reddened bottom.

I did think 2020 would be a year of no more surgery but alas it’s not to be, I do have to have my other knee replaced and my surgeon wanted to do this in March, I on the other hand have elected for it to be done in about August so at least I’d be able to lay in the garden if the weather permits it.

As usual I’ll be going out to South Africa at some stage and will hopefully be meeting Mistress Baton in Johannesburg, she is the one foreign mistress I most want to meet who has a formidable reputation, she tours often worldwide and if you have the opportunity to session with her it won’t be something you’d forget in a while…but then why would you want to.

I must also mention a new updated website with lots more content, new photographs etc, this was supposed to have been done last year but the surgeries held all of this up, it is a top priority of mine to get it done as soon as possible. If you have any ideas of what you’d like to see included on the new site please do email me at

If you’d like to make an appointment to see me please also email or give me a call on 07591-163299

I am also going to try to keep adding to my blog at least a couple of times a week, it won’t always be about Cp as I have lots of other interests too…some may be of interest and others may not.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes

Miss O