Today I had a meeting with my nephews tennis coach who I had discovered was not keeping to the arrangement I had made with him.

I had learnt that he had been invoicing me for lessons that he hadn’t been giving therefore ripping me off financially.

I had asked him to present himself at my house to discuss my nephews progress at 2pm which he did, I asked him to sit down and we’d have a chat over a cup of tea.

He said my nephew was progressing well and mentioned the extra lessons that he was doing at the weekend with him (I know that my nephew goes to rugby and polo practice at the weekend so knew the coach was lying)

I led the coach into thinking I believed him as I sat listening to him bare faced lie to me.

I soon tired of the lies and if it’s one thing I hate above everything else it’s lies so told him I knew that he was taking my money for work that wasn’t being done.

To say he was shocked at what I was saying would be an understatement and he tried desperately to back track saying I must be confused !

I’d had enough….I told him that I was going to teach him something….something he’d never forget !

I told him to get up my stairs as I was going to spank him hard…over my knee.

He knew he was serious but I gave him another option…I wouldn’t spank him but would tell the school and he’d lose his job….my spanking or his job.

There was no choice was there ?

He stood next to me as I sat in my chair…I took down his tennis shorts and pulled him over my lap, he didn’t protest as I spanked his bottom, I then pulled his underpants down to spank him on his bare bottom…he stayed silent just taking the punishment that I was giving.

I spanked his bare bottom for 40 minutes before I gave him 12 of my cane.

I don’t think he’ll be trying to get one over me again….do you ?



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