I had a miscreant visit this week….this is the letter he bought along;

Dear Miss Ophelia,

I regularly play tennis with Geraldine and you may recall we met briefly at the tennis club last week.

What an amazing discovery and story you articulated regarding her husband, Gerry.

I have held uncomfortable suspicions that indeed my own husband, Timothy, has been wearing various items of my exquisite lingerie for quite some time now and frankly I have ignored it as I simply had no idea how to handle the delicate issue.  How fortuitous that I could find somebody to punish him before his disgraceful behaviour .

Since we met you have constantly been in my thoughts but I have felt unable to take the difficult decision of sending him along to be disciplined by your good self. That is until this morning.

Having returned much earlier than expected from my shopping I caught Timothy wearing a tiny pair of my panties. This is the first time I had actually caught him in the act, but I have had my suspicions for a long time. It is always easy to detect if somebody has been interfering where they shouldn’t.

You would do me the greatest service if you would discipline him most strictly so that he may realise that his behaviour is unacceptable and stops immediately. May I suggest that you speak to him most sternly so that he is left under no misunderstanding that he has crossed the line of decency and acceptable behaviour and as such will be severely spanked until his bottom not forgetting the backs of his legs of course, is glowing.

Geraldine has informed me that you are also experienced in the use of the cane and I will take great delight in counting several red stripes on his return home later today.

You may use the utmost severity that you can muster, the punishment is completely deserved.

I do so look forward to talking to you later for a debrief-how very apt.

With sincere gratitude