Last weekend I went to spend some time with a friend in the midlands, one of my regular gentlemen lives only 3 miles away from where I was going so asked if I would possibly stop at his house on my way to give him a sound spanking….did I have to think twice…I don’t think so.

He has rather a large house so I spanked him in 4 different bedrooms over an hour, some of the rooms had huge mirrored wardrobes in them so to see myself with my gent over my lap was great fun.

When it was time to go my gent asked if I would possibly go back the next day on my way home to spank him again but after his bath….I certainly wasn’t going to say no.

So when I arrived the next morning he had a hot bath running, he got in and had his bath whilst I told him what was going to happen afterwards.

I spanked his wet, warm bottom in the bathroom then continued throughout the bedrooms in different positions, standing, lying down, sitting in the chair…

What a lovely weekend I had spending time with friends and fitting in a couple of spanking sessions along the way.

I smiled all the way home 🙂