Spanking, wanking and granny next door !

Hello all you lovely spankees,

Yesterday I saw a regular gentleman of mine who admitted that he needed punishing as he went to visit and stay with his 98 year old granny recently.

He admitted that when he had retired to bed he watched some spanking films on his phone and masturbated to them….all in the knowledge that granny was asleep right next door !

To say I was annoyed at his admission would be an understatement, nothing was going to stop me from giving his bottom the roasting it duly deserved.

It was a no nonsense spanking just as I was given as a little girl…no warm up just straight over my knee, pant taken down and I spanked that sorry white bottom hard !

Was he sorry for the disrespect that he’d shown his granny….yes he was.

I don’t think he’ll be doing it again in a hurry, with granny or no one next door.

The results of my spanking can be seen in the attached photo.

Miss Ophelia