As a submissive male of nearly thirty years, receiving discipline was always high on the agenda for me. So it’s fair to say I have received discipline countless number of times over the years. I feel absolutely compelled however to share my account of yet another outstanding visit to Ophelia.

You will find that a visit here will yield no props, no dungeon, domination type settings, moreover, you are assured to be greeted by a friendly, very confident lady who exudes a certain dominance, yet puts you completely at ease from the get go.

After a lovely chat and relaxing cup of tea or coffee Ophelia will invite you to follow her upstairs for your spanking. You will find yourself suitably positioned over her knee with your underpants pulled down just enough to expose your bottom. A spanking by Ophelia is as real as it gets and I can assure you rivalled by none. Expect to receive an absolutely sound spanking.

If, like me, a sound caning is required following a spanking then take a deep breath as you are lead up another flight of stairs to the caning room, again, no props here other than an array of canes to suitably deal with your requirements. Ophelia is an absolute master when it comes to the administration of the cane, juniors, seniors, dragons and everything in between are at her disposal here and you can expect to feel the the delights of them all. From six of the best to a more tailored caning rest assured you will receive what you desire and possibly take a few more just because she can!!

In summary, if you are a true fan of traditional discipline I would argue that you cannot find a better practitioner any were. That is a bold statement, but in my many years experience I have come across no one to rival Ophelia. An absolutely world class professional and for the enthusiast absolutely not to be missed.

If you want a good spanking, look no further than Miss Ophelia. Whilst over her knee, she used nothing but her hand, but by the time she had finished, my bottom was red raw, and I had the marks for days. NEVER upset Miss OpheliaPM (also known as Twinkle)

I was used to looking at the carpet but this sight was a first: looking back, under the chair, I could see my own bottom reflected in the mirror that lent against the wall to her right hand side. Its angle and distance meant I could clearly and easily see her powerful thighs and my bare buttocks clasped between them. I was shocked at just how like the bottom of a little boy it appeared. At how fascinating, nostalgic, emotive and deeply ‘right’ it felt too. Though by then it was filled with pain and I felt sorry for my poor little bottom, I still truly enjoyed the sight!

I had exchange enough emails with Miss Ophelia for her to be clear on certain things: that I was not looking for a session of spanking fun, but was seeking a real little boy punishment; that hand spanking had no effect on me, and that only the hard and heavy wood of a bath brush got through to me. (“You’ll need to bring one, I afraid,” she’d told me. “Mine broke the other day!”). Yet I had also seen many ladies and never found that experience, and had reached the conclusion that I no longer had whatever was needed for me to be a ‘little boy’ who could be ‘pinned across a knee’ and ‘have the living daylights spanked out of him’. And that I could no longer cry – that no matter how hard a lady spanked, I could not achieve that place.  (“Have you ever been close to that?” she asked, as we sat in her kitchen, chatting and getting to know each other before going upstairs. – “Yes,” I replied. “An ex-girlfriend, who happened to be very good at telling men off while spanking them, would use a bath brush very hard and fast with no warm up. But she had stopped long before I could get to the regressed little-boy-howling stage.” – “I see,” she said.)

That chat in the kitchen had been lovely, and I’d found her so friendly – and had so much in common with her – that I really could not have been prepared for what was to come. Though I’d told her that a warm up was not a good idea as it prepared me too much and I would not be able to feel pain, when I found myself across her lap – with the bath brush I’d bought in her hand – I was shocked. Miss Ophelia spanked me both full force and furiously, right from the start. Within seconds I was struggling – so she pinned my legs with hers, and carried on. Soon I was crying out – so she made comments of how much my bottom needed this, and spanked harder. And when I began to cry, she did the one thing I really needed her to do – she did not stop.

It sounds odd, I know, to say that, but that was my fear. That if I started to cry, to really cry in distress and pain, she would ease up and/or stop. My fear of this was so great that I even tried to hold back my crying, worried that if she knew how distressed I was, she would not have the courage to continue. But (as I had glimpsed from our chat beforehand) Miss Ophelia understood true discipline: that it really does not start until the recipient can take no more. So when I started to cry, she not only continue, she spanked even harder still. I cannot put into words how much relief I felt at this; despite the anguish in my bottom I really wanted and needed her to do this. Allowing me to finally let go and be punished, as a little boy who had got himself into deep trouble would be.

That curious relief did not leave me, and though I struggled and cried, tears pouring down my face, I never begged or pleaded to her to stop. Frankly at no point did I want her to. What I wanted to was to cry out things like, ‘I’m sorry mummy!’ But sadly I couldn’t: she was not my mummy and after all, I had done nothing wrong. But the feeling was there: the real, open and exposed feeling of having to give in to my disciplinarian. And it was utterly healing.

In the end, it was Miss Ophelia who called a halt – my bottom too raw and damaged to continue. “You’re a tough cookie,” she said, as I returned from taking the shower she had been kind enough to let me have. “Has anyone broken you?” She sounded genuinely curious. I spoke a bit more of that past girlfriend, but in truth, I don’t think even the spankings, and canings, she’d given me could be called being broken. But, as I eased my underpants over my very swollen and raw skinned bottom, I knew I did not want any more. Though I had bought plastic pants with me (for protection if the spanking damaged my skin too much), I was desperately hoping she would not remember and tell me “to put them on and get my backside back upstairs!”

It would have been easy to imagine her doing it. When we had chatted in the kitchen, I had thought her so friendly it was hard to imagine her taking charge in the way she had. But now, afterwards, I knew there was no difference between the two sides of her. Her manner had not changed; she simply was a lady who was so comfortable with administering real discipline, that she did not need to put on an act. That the aloof lady pictured on her (previous) website was not the real her, she was not aloof at all; she just simply was discipline – she didn’t need to act it. So if she had said I needed more spanking, I would not have been able to say no; she had become my disciplinarian and could punish me as and how she saw fit. To feel that, while still being my normal, everyday self, was a curious, worrying, exciting, and profoundly ‘right’ feeling to experience.

I left after giving her a genuine hug, truly grateful. My bottom was very painful and seemed to get ever more so as the day, and days, wore on. The skin needed to heal and that meant sitting was hard and sleeping had to be done on my stomach. But the swollen state of my bottom remained that way far longer than it ever had before, and while I wish my skin did not break I was truly grateful for that swollen, deeply bruised backside. It carries one for days!

So, yes, I will go back. With my tail between my legs I imagine, with real crimes to report, to feel not just that devastating spanking, but also feel her scolding that will, this time I think, draw from me the begging for forgiveness that I could not bring myself to last time. To plead how sorry I am, knowing that my crimes will be beaten out of me long after I have begun to beg for mercy. And know that while Miss Ophelia gives you what you ask for, and I’m sure no more, she also, if you trust and let her, gives what you need.


Ophelia de Havilland spanking a man


From the moment I met Miss Ophelia, I knew I was in the presence of a consummate disciplinarian. Tall and statuesque, Miss Ophelia was my idea of what a disciplinarian should be, excuding a natural authority which immediately left me in no doubt that the session would hit the mark, both physically and mentally! Miss Ophelia has a clear understanding from the outset on how our time together should be structured and she did not disappoint. I wanted a domestic styled encounter and Miss Ophelia dealt with me firmly and with some passion, pressing all my buttons to ensure I left with a happy heart and very sore bottom, wishing the session could go on and on.RS


Over the years I have visited many ladies for discipline, with varying degrees of satisfaction. The fact is that many Mistresses/Dommes, although they provide spanking etc, do not really understand the nuances that are an essential part of proper discipline. Recently I visited Miss Ophelia – and at last have found someone who is a genuine disciplinarian. Having herself been subject to harsh discipline while growing up (as her website says), she understands all the finer points of the disciplinary process. She also takes great pleasure in administering discipline, which is another prime reason why she does it so well.

If you are into the pain & pleasure of a sound spanking, look no further than Miss Ophelia. You will feel safe and secure stretched across her lap. You will also feel increasing sore as she spanks your bottom until it is glowing red. If you think her hand spanking hurts – and it certainly does – just wait until she uses her slippers or any of the other domestic implements she has waiting on the table in the corner; then you will really know the meaning of sore bottom.

My own particular ‘fetish’ is the cane – and Miss Ophelia is an expert, using firm, accurate strokes to increase the pain in your already burning backside. And if she uses one of her extra-thin and whippy canes to give you an extended salvo of ‘percussion’ strokes, all your powers of endurance will be put to the test.

Added to all this, Miss Ophelia is a very attractive, mature woman – the epitome of all your disciplinarian fantasies – and a friendly, open person with whom you can share your innermost thoughts. The only thing warmer than her welcome is your bottom by the time you leave!

However, don’t all rush to book an appointment with her; I don’t want her to be too busy to see me again, and again ….



Does Ophelia cane?

You can bet that she most accurately does! I consider myself to be somewhat of a connoisseur when it comes to food and wine, and for more years than I care to admit, I have been following advice on restaurant cooking and chefs given in the Michelin Red Guide where stars for cooking are awarded for the three categories:

*1 Very Good in its Category

**2 Excellent, worth a detour, and

***3 Exceptional, worth a special journey

This lady is “strictly for the connoisseur” and in my opinion well worth the journey.Grand Pierre


“Sleep tight” Miss Ophelia.

Please believe that I want this testimonial to be “wonderful” because you gave me a “wonderful” time :). If I could even begin to explain the “REST” that a testosterone fuelled, adrenaline addicted halfwit like me felt, just being in your company then I would be Shakespeare.

Miss Ophelia, THANK YOU for your kindness today. You really did give me rest :).

Please may I visit you again??



I have had the good fortune to visit Miss Ophelia and I do hope to return

Now any person arriving for the first time must be prepared to be greeted by a stunning looking lady, any red blooded male will no doubt have an unworthy thought, but remember people, why you are at Miss Ophelia’s – of course that is to have any indiscretions dealt with.

Once admission is granted, you will sit with Miss Ophelia for a pre session chat. You will find her a charming Lady of class and culture, and she can be if you gain her interest, an avid listener. Look into her glinting active eyes and you will see trust and anticipation. Even a first-time visitor such as myself is put at ease and I advise strongly that you open your heart and be completely upfront with Miss Ophelia so to help assess your expectations and needs.

In her profile Miss Ophelia remarks she is not a great role player, from this distance I shall disagree, after listening to me confide in her (like I have done with no other) she set a scenario which I found to be perfect. I soon found myself clad in just my underpants and was given the command to proceed upstairs where I was to wait for her. I duly trooped off conscious of her gaze but of course I could not see any clue as to the envisaged intent as to my fate.

I will not spoil things by describing the session in detail. I can tell you, that as this Lady takes your arm to pull you down across her invitingly spacious lap if you can look again into those eyes and try to ensure your comfort as your soon to be bared bottom will receive a caring prolonged sound spanking. There is during the spanking some scolding and exchanges of opinion which makes it even more memorable leading to some hard emotional rewards.

Post session Miss Ophelia continues to look after the welfare of your sore bottom and you receive a hug. (In my case I did not want to let go.)

A never to be forgotten experience. I cannot wait to return.

Take Care all, Dave x.Dave