Spanking Sessions

Ophelia de Havilland spanking man

True, Professional, Domestic Disciplinarian

I offer prolonged and traditional over the knee hand spanking.

Sessions are all held in a domestic setting.

I do NOT have a dungeon, whipping benches, St Andrew’s crosses, bondage equipment or other paraphernalia associated with the leather or rubber clad dominatrix. I am a DISCIPLINARIAN, NOT a Mistress or a Dominatrix. I an above all a traditional DISCIPLINARIAN.

I wear normal clothes that I both feel and look comfortable in. I know what will be appropriate for the session. If that is not to your liking, I do not want you to be disappointed and would point you in the direction of the ‘rubberistes’ who abound on the internet.

I love this job and I want you to enjoy it as much as I do. You will get a good warm up lasting 15 minutes before a seriously deep heated spanking that will last a minimum of 45 minutes not including a few slight pauses. If I feel that you require a more severe reminder then that is exactly what you will get on top of this.

I will always wear high heels, which means that at 6’5” I will tower OVER most of you. You will understand that sex is not on the menu – ever. I SPANK and I may cane, strap and whip if the occasion demands.

I am a professional domestic disciplinarian. A true traditional disciplinarian. This is what I love and enjoy.

Let’s get the difficult bits over first. I am not into body worship of any kind and sex is not on the menu. You will be spanked and spanked hard. You may feel the kiss of my cane or rise to the whip if I feel the need. You will not only leave here having reached into the ‘zone’ but you will still be climbing when you drive home. All’s well that ends happily.

I think you will also understand and appreciate that I am NOT a switch so do not let this cross your mind. In fact it is a big turn off for me so switching is a definite NO.

When travelling, all of my sessions always take place in a hotel suite. For reasons of safety and security you will appreciate that you will need to come to me; I cannot go to you.

Finally, you will appreciate that “no-shows” are a particularly large irritant so I will NOT have any future session with anyone who has previously been a no show, without letting me know. No exceptions. If you must cancel, please have the good manners to make a call or send an email at least half an hour before your appointment and we will take things from there.

My Likes And Dislikes

This may sound obvious but I will expect you to arrive in a fit condition for the spanking you are about to receive. Do not come bloated after a large meal or smelling of drink. You do not need a sore head, you have come to get a sore bottom!

I believe I am similar to many other disciplinarians in my likes and dislikes. We all like the basic courtesies in life, so please arrive at the session showered, well-groomed and with pleasant but not excessive after shave or cologne. Please ensure your clothes are clean without dirty collars and please don’t wear greying under garments.

I like my spankees to come with a good sense of fun and humour, displaying honesty and intelligence and who understand the value of keeping to their words, respect and punctuality.

Man spanked in barn

Some Dos and Don’ts

If you cancel a session at the last moment and without warning or good reason, you will be required to send the full tribute in advance for any future session.

I expect you to keep your word and be on time. If it happens that you are running few minutes behind due to traffic, please, just pull over and call me and let me know. You will know how far away you are and that you are running late so do take the two minutes to pull up and call. Please do NOT turn up fifteen minutes late without warning and expect to be seen. It will not happen.

I do like to receive all tributes in an envelope at the beginning of each session and, although I shouldn’t need to say this, I expect you to be drug and alcohol free to any of my sessions.

You are allowed to use my toilet but please don’t make a mess; it’s not a locker room. Cleanliness is very important to me.

Please come respectably dressed when coming to see me. This means I do not expect you to stick out like a sore thumb. I always stay at a nice hotels and I expect you to blend in and not look out of place.

I do not want to hear any foul language at any time whatsoever.

Please don’t ask me to remove any of my clothing as there will be NO nudity on my part. Please don’t ask for permission to touch me or lift up my skirt or uncross my legs – it’s just not my thing and it won’t happen. I do not want any topping from the bottom

I am a Professional traditional domestic disciplinarian, so if you are looking for sex, I am not your Lady.

I do not and will not mix my professional life with my personal life even if you are a handsome, financially comfortable, single person. I have a life and I expect you have too. I expect my personal life and my personal space to be respected as i will respect yours.

 Making an Application

A completed application via email is important stating your level of experience, your likes, your dislikes and anything else that may be relevant. It helps me to know you better and see if we will be compatible. Please keep your email simple – there is no need for a Shakespearian play!


As previously mentioned, a deposit is required for all sessions away from my venue. You can send the deposit by mail or online banking. It is only to insure you are serious and to reserve your date/time for my visit to your city/country.

I will only pencil you in for a certain date/time when the required deposit is received.

Remember I will hold your spot for 2-3 business days (UK venues away from mine) and 10 business days (internationally) until your deposit has been received.

Your deposit is determined by the length of session.

Overseas Booking – Deposits and Cancellations

For information regarding deposits and overseas bookings, please see the overseas bookings page.

Overseas Bookings