My Spanking Rules: Guidelines to a Successful Session

Ophelia de Haviland with whip

I enjoy spanking you. I was born to it. It takes two to make it enjoyable and fun. I would rather be spanking, thrashing and correcting your behaviour, than anything else and the more I enjoy it, the better it will be for you, so bite your lip and rise to the occasion!

I am a very friendly lady but please don’t confuse my amiability for weakness. Once you go up those stairs you are on your way to the thrashing that you deserve and want.

I will be happy to accept and work to your limits but I will nevertheless encourage you to reach a higher zone and move to a new level.

I believe that a session with a disciplinarian who is as committed and able as me is not an event you will easily find elsewhere and I would like you to show me sufficient respect. Remember that we all attach a great deal of importance to first impressions and that we both have only one chance of giving the right first impression!

Arranging a Spanking Session

If you would like to session with me, please telephone me in the first instance to assure yourself that you are dealing with the sort of upper class English lady that you expect. But please, don’t ask or expect a same day appointment; if I am to excel I really do need time to fully prepare for each session and for me, proper preparation is essential. It should be a brief call, this is not a chat line; I am generally busy with work and my other interests.

After our phone-call I may ask you to email me with your session request and when you write, please remember that your first email impression is so very important to me, so ensure that you are respectful in your writing, speech or manner Above all, remember I am a disciplinarian, not a Mistress so please start your email with ‘Dear Miss Ophelia’, and do not refer to me as “Mistress” or “Goddess”!

I want to make sure that we are in tune with each other’s feelings if we are to meet. I spank for pleasure and the token that you are required to offer is an entirely separate issue; having got this far you are now set for the opportunity of offering yourself to an enthusiastic, energetic and ardent spanker who will like nothing better than giving you a jolly good hiding, like times gone by.

I will in special circumstances accept naughty young ladies who have an urge to be spanked by a powerful woman of superior bearing. If you are weak then I will guarantee to beat some backbone into you but I don’t session with couples.

Man about to be spanked

Tributes and Deposits

I believe the tribute I ask is fair and reasonable and therefore they are fixed and firm. Please do not try to negotiate as it is likely to be counter-productive.

For all sessions away from my location, a non-refundable deposit of 30% of the tribute will be required in advance. I cannot deviate from that rule because of previous bad experiences of last-minute cancellations or no shows – there can be no ifs or buts! When I have received your deposit, I will email you to confirm the date and time of our appointment.  

Once we have established that your appointment is secure I would like you to call at a pre-arranged time to discuss your experience level.

Please don’t bother to call me just because you happen to be in the area. There is a protocol to follow for communicating with me just as there is one during our session.

Put simply, if you follow my guidelines you will be privileged to session with one of the world’s best. If you ignore them you are likely to be blocked from communicating with me again. I like intelligent people with a sense of humour, who are honest, fun to be with, respectful and above all, who love to be spanked.

All of my spanking sessions are between 10:00am to 6:00pm Monday to Friday.

For special sessions you can book a private bespoke event which may involve a weekend or foreign or long distance travel. I do have half day, full day, or beach house sessions when I travel to you (I do not travel coach/economy class), but, of course, you will need to cover the full cost of transport. Serious enquiries for these events are welcomed but they will require a minimum deposit which can be discussed in advance.

The Sessions

Please go to the Spanking Sessions page to find out more about my spanking sessions, and what I expect of you and what you can expect from me as a professional and exceptional domestic disciplinarian.