Well this wasn’t the blog entry I had planned for today but on just learning the news that the beautiful Caroline Flack has killed herself I feel I must say a few words.

This young lady aged 40 was hung out to dry by the very people at many newspapers who are now tweeting about her and saying how sad it is, how wonderful and lovely she was, the media have been absolute vultures towards her after an alleged attack by her on her boyfriend.

At Christmas a judge told her after being charged with the attack that she was to have no contact with her boyfriend, the very boyfriend who didn’t want any charges pursued. He stood by her saying that he wasn’t a victim.

How sad it must have been for Caroline to see a lovely photo of her and her boyfriend Lewis on Instagram posted by him saying “Happy valentines my love”…but of course her bail conditions meant that she could have no contact with him so couldn’t reply.

How lonely she must have felt yesterday when so many others were celebrating with their own loved one, Caroline couldn’t have contact with hers.

The media have done nothing but hound this lady for months, camping outside her home etc.

How alone she must have felt to take her own life.

I thought she was a great presenter, so kind and had time for everyone.

Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

RIP Caroline….you’ll be missed by so many.