Simons marathon slippering.

Yesterday I had a session with Simon who loves the slipper.

It was a two hour session and he had bought 2 gym shoes to add to the slippers I had.

We started off with a 45 minute warm up over the knee hand spanking and then started on the slipper.

We spoke of wondering if he could take 600-800 of the assortment of slippers…it seemed a mammoth task but as I worked my way through them slippering Simons sorry sore bottom I realised he could take so many more.

Many more….? In fact Simon took 2050 of the slipper, the final 50 were as hard as I could administer them.

My arm had started to cramp up and become stiff but hey ho….no pain no gain 🙂

All in all a wonderful session…we have set a precedent and wonder how many more he could take next time.


  1. Ben

    Hi Miss O…..yep Simons slippering was truly memorable…following on twitter was fabulous…the photos wwere great…the picture of your bbare leg sshowing tthe slipper awaiting Simon was fantastic….thanks to you both…Ben…

      1. Slipper Paul

        Hi Simon – I have a slipper spanking fetish….

        Q – Does Ophelia’s slipper have a smooth supple rubber sole Mmmmm.

        Q – does Ophelia allow playing with here slipper?

        Q – Did the slipper sound as good as it looks in the photo?

        Q – would you recommend a visit?

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