Simons marathon slippering.

Yesterday I had a session with Simon who loves the slipper.

It was a two hour session and he had bought 2 gym shoes to add to the slippers I had.

We started off with a 45 minute warm up over the knee hand spanking and then started on the slipper.

We spoke of wondering if he could take 600-800 of the assortment of slippers…it seemed a mammoth task but as I worked my way through them slippering Simons sorry sore bottom I realised he could take so many more.

Many more….? In fact Simon took 2050 of the slipper, the final 50 were as hard as I could administer them.

My arm had started to cramp up and become stiff but hey ho….no pain no gain 🙂

All in all a wonderful session…we have set a precedent and wonder how many more he could take next time.