Punishment boots

Well, what a day I had last Saturday.

I had an appointment with a regular of mine who has a “thing” about boot….wellies actually !

We arranged that I would pick him up from the station and then pay a visit to my local country store which sells lots of horse riding wear, boots etc.

My gentleman “A” was excited to see the boots and wanted to buy me a pair of Le Chameau wellies….I tried on a pair but really couldn’t get excited about them, I tried but just couldn’t.

Anyhow to cut a long story short “A” bought me a pair of Dubarry Longfords (I have Galways already)….they are beautiful.

We rode home in the car knowing that he was going to get the spanking and caning of his life over 3 hours.

The spanking started and after a through warm up we started on the schooling whip, me sitting on the floor wearing my old boots with the new ones placed so I could admire them whilst flicking the whip on “A’s” bottom…he was kneeling on the floor.

We did this for a long time, continuing the flicks of the schooling whip with accuracy on his bare bottom.

Next we went onto the canes…started lightly building up to the dragon cane used with tremendous force, “A” didn’t flinch one bit.

I had to dress his bottom as it had started to bleed (I don’t like to have blood in my house for hygiene reasons) and we were able to continue until I felt I and “A” had had enough.

Did he grin and bare his punishment….or bare it and grin.

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