A polite request

If you are considering a session with me may I ask that you direct that email to opheliadehavilland@yahoo.co.uk and not request details on here as I don’t look at this as often as I look at my emails and fear I may miss you. Thank you   Miss Ophelia


Hello all my spankees across the pond, I’m looking at coming to spank some more bottoms again at some stage in June. Will there be anyone wanting to be put over my knee I wonder ? Do let me know. Miss Ophelia

It’s been a long time.

Hello everybody, It seems such a long time since I’ve been able to come here and add to my blog, I’ve had so much on and have hardly had time to sit down….I’m sure some of you find that hard too after a visit to myself As most of you are aware I’ve had an […]

Susan and her errant husband Timothy you may use the art most severity that you can muster the punishment is completely deserved

I had a miscreant visit this week….this is the letter he bought along; Dear Miss Ophelia, I regularly play tennis with Geraldine and you may recall we met briefly at the tennis club last week. What an amazing discovery and story you articulated regarding her husband, Gerry. I have held uncomfortable suspicions that indeed my […]

A New Website and my Upcoming Member’s Area

Well, as you can see, my website has had a makeover. This was the result of some re-examination of what I had previously written, born from a long standing feeling of it not being quite what I wanted to say, and my wish to state loudly and clearly that I am an English Disciplinarian (who […]

One appointment left in London..

Hello, Im going to be in London next Monday and have availability for anyone in need of a spanking, slippering etc. The availability is on Monday evening in a central london hotel early evening. So, it’s a first come first serve basis. Miss Ophelia

How rude !

How rude !

Hello, I’ve been trying to post this story for quite some time as I’ve promised a Spankee that I’d do it but once again the iPad was deleting things I’d written….maybe it doesn’t like me writing about spanked bottoms. Anyhow, a couple of weeks ago I tweeted that I was going to be spanking the […]

Catching up

Hello all and a Very Happy New Year, This weekend I will be replying to all the emails that I’ve not had time to get around to after the events over the Christmas period. If you are waiting for a reply from me rest assured you will get one either today or tomorrow. Have a […]

A Christmas I would rather forget.

What a Christmas period this has turned out to be for me…I hope yours was so much better. Without going into a long drawn out email about things and boring you all but my Christmas has turned out to be one I’d rather forget as on Christmas Eve I took my father to see his […]