Geneva tour

Hello,   I’m announcing that I shall be in Geneva Switzerland on the 2nd July to spank some naughty bottoms. I love the alpines and can’t wait to visit again. I am only going for a short while so if you would like to session with me there please send me an email. Miss Ophelia

Naughty boy

Naughty boy

Today I saw one of my regular gentleman for his usual hand spanking. We discussed a scenario where he’s been caught by the police speeding outside of school doing 55mph in a 20mph zone outside a school, the police had given him the option to pay a fine and have three points on his licence […]

Sponsored parachute jump

Sponsored parachute jump

Hello everybody, Today I am announcing that I’m going to participate in a sponsored parachute jump in August this year. The charity I’m raising money for is called “Helping Rhinos”, it’s a charity and cause very close to my heart and want to raise as much money as possible. To date this year over 149 […]

My next tour of Canada and NYC

Hello everybody,   I will write soon about my spankingly fabulous trip to NYC but in the meantime am announcing that I’m going to be in Canada from the 1st June for a week then I will continue onto NYC for approx 10 days. I met some lovely people whilst i was over the pond […]

New York dates confirmed

I am pleased to announce that I am going to be in New York from 6th February until the evening of Monday 10th February. Please do send me an email if you’d like to be taken over my knee whilst I’m there. Warm bottoms Miss Ophelia

It’s been a while…

Hello all, I want to wish everybody a lovely new year and hope to see all my spankees as well as meeting some new ones in 2014. I’ve not been on my blog for quite some time as the internet at home has had problems due to our adverse weather in the uk at the […]

With great regret..

It is with great regret that due to unforeseen circumstances that I have to postpone my planned trip to New York in December. I will however be there at the end of January to honour the bookings that I already have and to take more. Dates will be confirmed this coming week. Miss Ophelia