Overseas Bookings

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Important Information regarding Deposits and Cancellations

The deposit is only refunded if… If due to force majeure I cannot come to your city  

Your deposit was lost in the mail which might mean that it would be better to pay directly into my bank.

I must cancel because I feel unsafe or I feel you are not being respectful.  

Your deposit can be used for another future sessions if you cancel no later than two weeks in advance with the same deposit, after that you will lose your deposit. I do not hold your money on deposit for an appointment sometime in the future. It is a reservation and if you do not show up without reasonable cause and notice – tough.

If you cancel your session at the last minute for any reason, your deposit is gone! I will have paid for my travel and hotel and you would not want me to be out of pocket, would you? 

Postponing a city booking and postponing your session… I will postpone a city booking to another date due to flight cancellations or adverse weather.

So please expect that when scheduling a session with me.