Oh, you think you’ve had enough do you ?

On Friday I had the fortunate opportunity to spank a very delightful gentleman.

We first sat down and had a cup of tea and a chat to discuss the forthcoming session, he spoke of how he could remember his first spanking over the lap of his mother who had been sewing at the time that she had got annoyed with him, he was about 5 years of age at the time and he couldn’t recall what he had done two annoy his mother that warranted a bare bottomed hand spanking.

She stopped what she was sewing on her machine, told him calmly to remove his trousers and put him over her lap to give him what for.

After our initial chat I took the said gentleman upstairs to my spanking room where again he was told to remove his trousers and stand before me, I took note of how clean his toenails were….I do hate grubby looking feet.

I clutched his arm as I sat on my chair and put him over my lap, over a rather long time gave him what he deserved, firstly over his very bright pink undergarments and then after a long warm up took these down to his lower thighs and upped a level in the firmness of my hand.
I then told my gentleman to stand up and bend over, it was then I picked up my old slipper and gave him 6 whacks on his bare bottom, I then told him to go over to the bed and lay down, I picked up his ankles and lifted his legs high up exposing his bottom in the diaper position….another few hard spanks…spank..spank…spank.

A couple of small breaks were allowed but certainly no bottom rubbing….I am the only bottom rubber allowed !

My gentleman took his spanking incredibly well, I say that as he’d not been spanked for a very long time.

Had I finished giving him what he came for ?

No, 6 of the best with my very best cane were in order….I think they were regretted…but again, when people come to me they get what I think they deserve and there is no getting off too lightly.

I thoroughly enjoyed my morning with a lovely gentleman.

I’m not sure I have managed to match the shade of undergarments to the spanked/caned bottom bi put it looks great….don’t you agree ?

Miss Ophelia


  1. Macardent

    Dear Ophelia,

    How appropriate to parachute in aid of the rhinosorarse, but won’t their famously tough hide take a lot of beating? Good luck anyway.

    Kind regards,


  2. joe tanner

    What a lucky lad (sorry, gentleman) to visit someone who clearly understands how to deal with those in need of a good spanking without all the bdsm yuk! I hope I get the chance to dally for an hour or two in that part of the country sometime when Miss Ophelia is at home! Enjoyed the bit about the ‘nappy (er – diaper) position’ and the decision to use the cane. From the picture it was just what I need!

    Keep blogging, Miss!


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