Hello all,

I have been so lapse in keeping up to date with my blog but i wanted to say that some people’s think that I’ve had my much awaited operation….I haven’t.

I do however have an operation date for the 2nd May and I’m both excited and nervous.

The recovery is sadly three months and a month of not using stairs at all so i shall be residing on the middle floor of Blaze Bottom cottage for an entire month…how will i manage i wonder, hopefully sleeping a lot aided by my pain relief.

I am hoping to Spank again sometime in June or July but of course will keep everyone informed of my ongoing progress.

Some think I’m having a hip replacement…I’m not.

What I’m having is part of my pelvis implanted with titanium rods to stabilise the joint that is crumbling, I think my early life of skiing, snowboarding, horse riding, throwing myself out of aeroplanes and bungee jumping has taken its toll finally and at the age of 51 I’m feeling the effects…but hey…had bloody fun doing all of those things for years so no regrets and i hope to be throwing myself down mountain passes again by the end of the year.

I have also been very busy on another matter which i will make public when its all over….all exciting stuff in my life at the moment 🙂

I’m looking forward to the change in the clocks and the long summer nights, i have the gardener here as i type getting the garden turned over and replanted ready for the summer, i will hopefully be spending a lot of time recuperating in the garden so want it to look lovely and smelling even better.

For the month that i can’t use stairs Metsi and Slipper will be at the dog sitters and of course i’ll miss them dreadfully.

I pity the poor gentleman that will be the first to go over my knee after a long time of not spanking, oh dear…poor them.

I’m such a dreadfully irate madam when I don’t Spank.

I am hoping to be in Namibia later in the year and then will hopefully return to see my lovely regulars in both the USA and Canada, i will then be going to Australia to see my godson and spank “down under” in January 2019.

I haven’t been back to Australia since i left there in my early 30’s after spending all of my 20’s there so it’ll be lovely to see old friends and places that i have many fond memories of.

So, thats a little insight into what is happening and if you do want to book to see me before May…get in quick.


Miss Ophelia