New York New York….

Clearly Frank Sinatra was right….so good they named it twice.

I have been in the city for just over a week now and am staying for another week leaving late next Wednesday to return to the uk.

I have seen a few lovely people with delightful bottoms that have all been reddened rather nicely if I may say so myself.

One Spankee even fell asleep mid session, I’ve never had that happen before…maybe I didn’t Spank him hard enough !

I have moved hotels as there was a mix up with my booking and now situated in an area called Soho, I’m on the 32nd floor with the most amazing panoramic view of Manhattan and the Hudson River….I’ve never spanked anyone so high before…’s the bottoms I like presented nice and high.

I have lots of space available so if you’d like an appointment please do get in touch….in the meantime I’ll say I hope to see you soon if not here then back in old Blighty.

Miss Ophelia

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