New Online Spanking Clips Available

I am delighted, via my new spanking clips storeto be able to offer a taste of my special brand of discipline for those who are unable to see me in person.

As a sample of what is available online I offer the following taster clips for your consideration:

Girls Changing Room

In this clip I call my nephew Andrew to task after an incident at his school where he was caught in the girls’ changing rooms. I begin with a stern lecture, which is followed by a prolonged and hard hand spanking applied to his bare bottom and thighs. As he seems to find the whole incident funny I continue his punishment with slipper, clothes brush, leather strap and two canes. His bottom becomes very red and I hope that he has learned his lesson.


Andrew’s Misdemeanours

In the next clip I require Andrew to answer for three specific misdemeanours. He has not been doing his homework, he has been avoiding his chores and worst of all he was caught in a most compromising position with his girlfriend. I deal with each of these failures in turn by means of a hard hand spanking, the slipper, a hard hairbrush and a very stingy strap. He is left to regret his actions.


Andrew Loses The Dog

I am furious when Andrew  loses my precious dog after failing to use the lead as I instructed. I scold him and march him home to endure a series of punishments and corner time. Aunt Ophelia uses her hand, a stingy slipper, a large wooden spoon and two types of cane on his ever reddening bottom. I am sure that he will take more care in future!

More clips will follow and I  welcome your suggestions for future scenarios.

For users of Spanking Tube, a super online community for all things spanking, I have also created a profile where I will be uploading some longer trailers and over time some additional photos.