Naughty boy

Today I saw one of my regular gentleman for his usual hand spanking.

We discussed a scenario where he’s been caught by the police speeding outside of school doing 55mph in a 20mph zone outside a school, the police had given him the option to pay a fine and have three points on his licence which would’ve sent him over the maximum 12 points and he would’ve lost his license for three years or come to see the punishment officer.

As my gentleman has a driving job he couldn’t run the risk of losing his license because he would’ve lost his job so opted to come and see me and that he would take whatever I thought necessary as a punishment.

I told him that he would have a prolonged over the knee and spanking and then I would use five implements of my choice on his bare bottom.

I told him to remove his trousers, get over my lap and when I see fit I will remove his underpants to spank him on his bare bottom.

It was at this stage he said he had a confession….that he was wearing a pair of comedy underpants.

Comedy underpants ? What on earth are comedy underpants I asked.

He undid his trousers and took them down….I was faced with a pair of tight pants with the image of “Dennis the menace” on them with the wording “Naughty Boy” !!

All of my professionalism went flying out of the window as I burst into laughter.

I thought they were fantastic and very apt for the punishment he was about to receive.

And receive it he did, very hard….did he learn his lesson ? I’m sure he did.

Will this punishment stop him speeding past schools in the future and getting himself into trouble ? I doubt it….after all…..

He is a very “Naughty Boy”


    1. opheliadh

      Hello Geoffrey,

      Sorry to read of your bad news and I’m glad this story has made you smile….the sight of my gentleman standing before me in these pants certainly made me smile too.

      Miss Ophelia 

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