1. Alex York

    You clearly offer the kind of spanking that I enjoy. You look to be a powerful women and I am sure that a spanking from you would be deliciously painful. I do like to feel other implements being used on me, in particular the tawse. Unfortunately, I can’t find the tribute value on your site.

    1. Ben

      hi… obviously a monthly fee…one oof the things that may work are ‘short video clips’….member could view them free of charge but you could have tthe clips on ‘clips for sale’…just a thought…not sure how u feel about vvideoing….also only certain photos aavailable to members….again jjust a thought..
      …..think it will be great anyway…Ben

  2. little sissy emily

    Please miss I hope your well have you a video of me being spanked on my last visit if so how can I obtain it have A nice Xmas see you very soon looking forward to being placed over your knee Emily

  3. Geoffrey

    Dear Miss Ophelia,

    Thank you for such a wonderful meeting yesterday, you are a truly lovely and understanding person and looking forward to another visit which I suspect will be sooner rather than later as I seem to be a quick healer:-)….Thank you again


  4. roger

    Dear Miss Ophelia,
    I saw your post re membership of a spanking club etc.  What I would like to see is more photos & maybe a video.  The Weekly Spanking Review sound a good name.  My aunt wouldn’t agree as she thinks that at least 2-3 spanking a week are needed.  This weeks 3rd was this morning.  Hope I can visit you in the summer but distance is the problem

  5. Paul

    Dear Miss Ophellia,

    I came across and read your website today. Do you ever plan on visiting the San Francisco Bay Area? (A 15-minute warmup followed by 45 minutes of spanking, from a tall strong smart, sophisticated woman — ouch! Sounds like spanking heaven to me. ) 

    Thank You,
    — Paul 

    1. opheliadh

      Hello Paul,

      This must be the latest reply I’ve ever sent, please do accept my apologies as I’ve only just come across your correspondence.

      I haven’t been to San Francisco in a long time, I’m hoping that I will be able to get there in 2015 but as yet am unsure.

      Please do keep a look out for any plans that I have re travel on my website.

      I would certainly love to have you over my knee to experience what I have to offer.

      Best wishes

      Miss Ophelia

  6. Macardent

    Dear Ophelia,

    Delighted to hear that you will be widening awareness of your services with video recordings. You seek guidance on whether and how to change the image you should present. I recommend without hesitation simply strengthening the maternal one that seems natural to you. This would be in accordance with so many mens’ deep desire to extend the first love of their lives with another woman, to truly open the gates of passion. It is Mummy they really want, her control and her permission, the much used mistress image being merely to disguise that. No need to humiliate clients by calling them naughty boys (unless requested), just recognition that real men never forget their need for a wise, strong woman to help them express their hidden emotions. I am sorry that circumstances have so far prevented me from seeking that help myself.
    With kind regards,

  7. darren

    Hi just found your website you are exactly the disciplinarian im looking for will try to arrange a visit sometime soon only problem is I live in the north but carnt wait to be over your knee

  8. Ian

    Dear Ophelia,
    Just thought I’d add my comments regarding a spanking experience with yourself. A lot of the posts seem to suggest you’re just the sort of Lady they’re looking for. Let me assure anybody reading that you provide a thorough and lengthy otk spanking. My bottom has never been so sore nor sore for so long after being spanked by you. I had to sit on a towel when I got home as my behind was so sore.
    Don’t delay in contact Miss Ophelia, you won’t regret it…….or maybe you will 🙂
    Kind Regards

  9. slipper Paul

    Dear Ophelia,

    I trust that you had a great time in Africa.

    Its time for me to pay you a visit soon, as the last slipper session has well worn off, however the memory lingers on!
    Please may I assist with buffing up of your smooth supple rubber soles of your flexible slippers?
    It would be great to have a few pictures of you holding an upturned slipper and flexing the supple rubber implement, prior to administering its full impact!! Oh-looking forward 🙂 Naughty Paul XX

  10. swiftsilver1

    Superb updated website clear concise and appealing I must get to you again somehow.

    I must ask though my favourite picture is your good self givind a much deserved spanking to a miscreant with you sat on a Hav bale and him of course OTK I can’t find it Oh Dear.

    Take Care Dave

  11. alan

    Hello Miss Ophelia,
    it’s 2 days now since our meeting and I’m still having trouble sitting comforably, with the marks and memories showing no sign of fading and (inevitably) my behaviour showing no sign of improvement! It was a truely excellent session helped enormously by the build-up of excitment and expectation from booking a long way in advance and especially from reading of your reputation and skills from the website. From the very first minute of meeting you I knew I would get a very sore bottom – and I certainly did! What a lovely time we had: you totally in control and me squealing and kicking while scissored between your thighs, over your knee and bent and lying on the bed. Now we all know your hand spanking is hard, (and in the area just below the cheeks of my bottom it certainly made me jump), but I can also recommend the slipper (boy does that sting!!). We played with so many different implements – including a miniature cricket bat – it’s difficult to pick a favourite. The hand and paddle spanking on the legs was definitely high on the list but, of course, top marks (no pun intended) go to the cane. That was just so painful and had the marvellous effect of making my legs kick and me jump about completely involuntarily. I do hope though that I didn’t make too much noise for your neighbours. Actually your commands to me to stop yelling had an interesting effect in that by not shouting and screaming some of the physical pain transformed and became much more emotional (I suppose because there was no release) and consequently I began to feel myself on the verge of crying. I didn’t quite get there but it was an interesting position which I will hope to repeat in the future. We had discussed crying before starting and like so many others I had wanted it, but knew it was almost impossible to happen. So this was quite unexpected. Thanks again for a smashing session on a wet and miserable morning. It made the 4 hour journey around the M25 in rush hour traffic completely worthwhile and I had a rather nice lunch at Box Hill on the way home. Once again many thanks for the sore bottom and good company. Alan

    1. opheliadh

      Hello Alan,

      Thank you for your comments, I had a lovely time….oooooh you did look sore, your legs in particular.

      It’s so rare to get to the tearful stage and glad we nearly got you there.

      A lovely gentleman, until next time

      Miss Ophelia

  12. Alan

    Well here we are 1 week later and I still have red stripes on my bottom and several (fading) bruises on the backs of my legs. Lovely. Yes, that was a hard spanking and my legs were very sore! Sitting was difficult for several days, but now is back to normal although there is still some tenderness. If I was brave I’d return for another spanking just so I could experience the effect of that on an already sore bottom.
    Thanks again. Have a nice trip to the US.
    Best wishes.

  13. Michael

    I visited Miss Ophelia last Wednesday and it was an experience that will not be forgotton. We sat and discussed my previous history and I was then ordered upstairs. I waited for Miss Ophelia to arrive and when she did she removed my trousers and I went over her lap. I then received a spanking for about ten minute until my pants were removed and the spanking continued. After about ten minutes I was ordered to stand up and remove all my clothes. Now naked I went over her lap again for more spanking. I then went over her lap on the bed where I received the slipper, plimsole, paddle, strap etc. By this time my bottom was quite sore. I was the ordered downstairs to another bedroom where I was to receive my main punishment. Two pillows were placed on the bed and I was ordered to lay over the pillows with my bottom in the air. I then received strokes of two different tawse and then the dreaded cane. I lost count of the number of strokes and Miss Ophelia certainly didn’t hold back. She judged my tolerence level very well and eventually stopped. By this time my bottom was very sore. Miss Ophelia is a very pleasant lady and her pictures do not do her justice. Do not be fooled by her pleasant approach as she will certainly give you a sound spanking and caning. I really enjoyed having to stand in front of her completely naked and then receive my punishment. I will certainly visit her again when I have misbehaved. Thank you Miss Ophelia

  14. Al

    Hi Ophelia,
    I could definitely do with a good sound hand spanking over your knee. I live in New Zealand, so probably won’t see you anytime soon. I’m looking forward to your ‘Members’ site. Things that turn me on include: the pants being pulled down slowly, to expose both the penis and bottom (a spanking is meant to be humiliating). I also love the pics that you have, when you wrap your legs over a naughty boy to keep him in position. Regards, Al

  15. rogerlewis

    Hi Miss Ophelia,
    How are you getting on with sorting out the data you requested about why people like to be spanked?  One of the most erotic sentences to hear must be, “Get over my lap” or ” I’ll put you over my knee”.  Remember them?  Do you remember the song a busy busy bee?  Well sing this to the tune.  “Oh what a wonderful thing to be, a naughty nephew across aunties knee.  Cheers. Roger

    1. rogerlewis

      Dear Miss Ophelia,
      I really would like to know if you’ve come to any conclusions from the data.  I think a similar survey was done in a magazine some years ago.  I am sure others would also be interested.   By the way I am glad you like the photo of the canes.  Regards Roger

  16. Joel

    Good morning Ms. Ophelia,
    i do enjoy the photos of men being spanked by You.
    when the timing is right i would love to experience a few days to a week with You.  Are time lines like that available?
    i have a desire to be spanked over the knee until i am truly crying.  The experiences in the Chicago area have not netted these results.  i see from other posts one male you spanked to tears.  i believe i am asking the right Woman.
    on the matter with regards to multiple day punishments i wonder if you could share thoughts/protocol on that.
    The new website, images of You and another Woman, older, younger administering spankings/humiliation would be fun to see.
    Thank you for Your time.
    Have a wonderful day

  17. JohnRice

    It’s a shame your members area hasn’t come to fruition, I did see one clip of film of you in action and it was excellent, I quite understand that it would be a lot of work but I think it would be popular.  

    1. opheliadh

      Hello John,
      The members area is unfortunately on hold at the moment as I’m going to be doing a film soon, will try to get onto the members as soon as I can.
      Miss Ophelia

  18. Michael

    I attended a much needed appointment with Miss Ophelia. I attended for the usual spanking but also for a good hard caning. Before going upstairs I drew playing cards to determine the number of stokes of the cane I was to receive. I drew 74. I was ordered to go upstairs and told to strip completely naked and await my punishment.
    I was given a good spanking and paddling and then ordered downstairs for the main punishment. I was given a total of 75 strokes of the cane and Miss Ophelia certainly didn’t hold back. I deserved it and will go back for more. Thank you Miss Ophelia

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