Me…selective ? Damn right I am !

Hello from Manhattan,

I have whilst here met some wonderful, courteous, delightful spankees but opposite to that I’ve had the most rediculous amount of emails that contain one line only, no introduction, no name and even text type speak !

One of today’s emails has been worthy of me blogging about it, firstly the email contained the words “I want to get spanked…call me”

Sure I’ll call back…..not !

After a few back and forth emails I get the classic one back….along the lines of “I’ll make an appointment if you promise that my bottom will be red” !!

I do so love being in a position to refuse some of who want to see me.

On the other hand, an email that has been thought out, introducing themselves, level of experience etc is just simply wonderful…..Thank you gentlemen, you know who are all are.

Miss Ophelia

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