Let me explain !

Right, I feel compelled to write this after a few snide comments from one individual that I’ve now blocked on Twitter and another on another site regarding my tour.

When I planned my tour of the USA and Canada I was hoping that I would get enough bookings in each city that made the trip worthwhile, touring is very expensive and the flights, hotels and living expenses are all down to me, I have to pay flights and hotels before I get to spank bottoms.

So, then Backpage got closed down which had a massive impact on getting the word out that I was going to be in the countries, now, I don’t get all of my work from Backpage but it had a huge help.

Secondly, when I landed in Vancouver I caught a chest infection that I couldn’t shift, I tried my hardest to keep to my appointments in San Francisco, Vegas etc but I was not 100% well…still I carried on regardless (just like a true Brit…stiff upper lip and all that).

In some of the cities I had on my list to visit I had either 1-2 bookings or as in the whole state of Texas just one appointment! So, I had to cancel these parts of my tour.

Why did I ? Isn’t that obvious ? Why would I spend £600+ on flying across Canada and the USA to then earn £250 ? It’s simple maths is it not.

I cannot repeat myself time and time again….as much as I love and believe what I do it is my primary source of income having given up my profession 5 years ago, money I’m afraid does not grow on any tree that I’ve found sadly.

So, I cannot understand the snide comments from certain individuals that have emailed me or posted on social media that I couldn’t be bothered keeping to my planned appointments, yes, I’ve had to let a couple of people down but I’ve given lots of notice and cancelling has not been taken lightly.

On top of this….Phoenix for example, I had three bookings on the only day that I was going to be there….2 cancelled leaving 1…why would I keep this appointment? I don’t understand why people don’t accept that I couldn’t go.

Fort Lauderdale….well, one individual (who I’m sure I’ll meet one day) didn’t even have the common decency to let me know that he wasn’t keeping his appointment, so I went from New York to Florida to see 2 people costing me money.

Montreal, I had to cancel as I had just 2 people…again, snide comments from one…you know who you are don’t you ?

I will be back again in November visiting the cities that gentlemen and ladies want to see again but I will have a totally different booking system in place with a “no appointment without a 50% deposit” for anyone that hasn’t seen me before.

I hope I’ve explained this well enough for the gentlemen that feel I’ve let them down….if they still don’t accept it then I think they need to look at themselves and not direct their anger towards me.

Miss Ophelia