Let me explain.

Hello to all of my lovely followers,

Now, you may have seen that I’ve been quite absent recently so I thought I’d better explain why that was.

For a year now I have had an issue with a part of my hip that never got better and stupidly waited about five months before I took myself off to the doctor, lots of painkillers needed and nothing seemed to work but a side effect of these pills was that they made me feel very light headed and a light headed head is not a clear head…a clear head is what I needed to spank with.

So, recently I’ve been to see a couple of specialists and had lots of scans, X-rays etc and to cut a very long story short I have rather a dreadful issue with both knee caps, I’m not in pain thankfully and one day will need major surgery but am having some new treatment that will hopefully keep surgery at bay for a long long time…fingers crossed, I do feel like I’m a surgeons guinea pig at the moment but I’m willing to do what’s needed and also I’m having to do lots of physio.

Because of the above and the worrying time that it bought I really didn’t feel up to blog writing, advertising or even spanking….that’s just not like me at all, I need to spank and love to spank as all of you know.

I shouldn’t really say that I wasn’t wanting to spank it was more that I didn’t feel that my Spankees would be having the joyful 100% me and if I’m not perfectly fit with great fitness and strength then I couldn’t give you my best and you all deserve that.

So, I’m now back to my normal self, happy, strong and focussed.

Ive started to advertise again and next week I have a brand new photo shoot happening….it’s going to have some amazing shots so watch this space, the website will be having a overhaul too and I’m super excited.

I’m going to be back in the USA and Canada in October and November however I’m going to do things a little different visiting only a small number of cities where I’ve been well received before.

I’ll then be spending some added time in New York as a friend is flying in for her very first American trip.

So, that’s everything in a nutshell and I do hope you all understand why I’ve been so quiet recently……I know, you’re all saying “Miss Ophelia….quiet ? Never !”

I have missed terribly the sound of my bare hand on bare bottoms, the swish of the cane, slap noise of the paddles and Slippers.

So, I look forward to seeing you all again.


Miss Ophelia x