Hello everybody,

It seems such a long time since I’ve been able to come here and add to my blog, I’ve had so much on and have hardly had time to sit down….I’m sure some of you find that hard too after a visit to myself

As most of you are aware I’ve had an issue with my dog and that has kept me very stressed and very busy but I’m pleased to say that all seems to be “getting there” and she and I are happier.

I have been on my safari travels again which I needed but I’m now back and very very refreshed….so, let’s get those bottoms spanked !

I have recently seen some delightful gentlemen, some new to spanking and some have been spanked for years, if you’ve sent me an email and am awaiting a reply I will get to you….I promise.

So, what news do you all have for me ?

Any bad behaviour, naughty thoughts that you’d like to own up to ?

I’ll be the judge if you need to go over my knee or not.

Miss Ophelia