As some of you are aware I do not post on the itc message board these days however, last night someone posted a thread asking something about me…low and behold the site owner has deleted this thread.

What a surprise indeed that this has happened…not !

I only wish that the owner really could see that by someone else that is not legally trained is of no help to him whatsoever and is actually making things so much worse for him.

Damage limitation goes such a long way…..I really hope that he is shown this….what would I say ?

Before he digs himself further I would suggest paying for a lawyer and taking appropriate advice and not the advice from someone that is not a lawyer.

So many people have asked what on earth is going on, why I don’t post there anymore but all I can say is watch this space, in time I will post every single word that has been written but this will not go on my blog for all to see but in a seperate area for those that are that interested.

Most of my readers are not interested in such goings on so I will not be posting in this area.

Bitchiness and jealousy are such ugly traits 🙂