Hello everybody,

I wanted to apologise for my very delayed updates on my blog but can assure you all that I will now add things very regularly from now on, I have a few stories to tell and after last Saturdays spanking with a delightful regular a few funny things to tell too.

Ok, let’s start with why I’ve been so lapse….sometimes my posts on the ipad get very muddled, I can’t seem to use the space bar and many other issues so I give up trying to post things, it only happens on my own site and nowhere else, the website designer tells me what to do but I’m a complete idiot when it comes to computers and the words “cut and paste” fill me with the same horror as the word “spider” !

Secondary to the above I as I’m sure a few of you know already that I have an elderly dog Prunella who has undergone some health issues lately and she has kept me busy, yesterday she went to have her stitches out after a teet was removed after the vet found a little lump, yesterday the result was in from the biopsy and it was found to be a malignant tumour which I was shocked about, I have to just keep an eye out for any other lumps appearing in her lymph nodes (hoping none will appear), she may not have any other issues but the vets feels that she will get others…she is as bright as a star and very healthy, at 14 she lives the good life and no one ever believes she’s an old lady.

Today I am going to catch up with the blog and emails, work has been a little slow lately and if I don’t have bottoms to spank I’m such a miserable so and so.

Now, kettle on, tea to be made and things to do.

Have a lovely day everybody.

Miss Ophelia

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