Good morning to you all,

Just a few days before the festivities and I have been looking back over the year I’ve had.

I’ve met some lovely, charming and interesting people of who share the love of domestic discipline, primarily over the knee bare bottomed hand spanking.

Over this year I have thought “How can I possibly get to be known worldwide ?”

“How can I assure that when people put anything to do with domestic discipline in the true sense of the words that I’m there, at the top ?”

“How do I get people on the other side of the world talking about me ?”

Ok, I see enough people but could always see more, I could travel more (but not at the detriment of my regulars and other new people here in this country that want to meet me.

I know I’m pretty high up on google thanks to my web design chap but what else can I do ?

What do you feel is missing in the market ?

Everyone i I speak to say that they love coming to see me as I’m not the mistress, goddess, dominatrix….that I’m so very tall, strong and they do mention my accent.

Everyone knows I do this because it’s “something within” me, I genuinely feel that men need to be spanked as it was done all those years ago when I too was spanked.

I read of digital marketing teams that promote, I have others telling me I should film, I have others saying “I can get you there and get you more business” (nothing ever comes of these people).

So, what I’m basically saying is I have a dream that needs funding and I need to generate more business….so how ?

Im bloody good at what I do and love it even more….I want the world of spankng to know me well, visit me speak about me.

When I was in NYC back in February I was so incredibly busy and had to turn down people, I will be going back there hopefully next year to see the ones I couldn’t see…I’d love to be as busy as that here in the uk.

Please don’t say I should go into “worship, servitude etc etc, there are plenty of mistresses etc that will fill those boots and enjoy doing it….I will never do a session which I have no interest in.

So, for any marketing people out there and others please do email me with any ideas you may have and make my 2015 a spanking success.

Please do not speak to me about “words, spiders etc,, I have no understanding of how the internet works and no interest…it’s what I pay my website chap for.

It’ll be good to hear of any ideas about things I’m not offering that you feel I should, but primarily I’m looking at getting people to see what I’m about and wanting to session with me.

Get your thinking hats on 🙂

You have until the end of the year !

Miss Ophelia