After being away for 7 weeks I am just about to pack my hand, paddles and canes away ready for my flight home later this evening.

I will write much more when I’m home but I just wanted to say that I have had a lovely time, I’ve met some fabulous people and have been let down by others…but it is those that have lost out.

I have just had my final session with one of life’s kindred spirits, he needed Spanking as had not completed a thesis that needed to be finalised back in January so I have given him ten more days to do it…his sore bottom should be a constant reminder of what needs to be done.

It really is just fantastic to meet someone that is so passionate about the world and the wildlife he’s trying to protect, I will write more about the caribou that he spoke of on a later blog when I have more information but suffice to say that there are only just over 200 of this type of caribou left on the planet.

I will sign off now and look forward to seeing all of my lovely gentlemen back in the uk.

Miss Ophelia