Furious !

Hello all,

This is going to be a very quick post as I have a million other things to blog about, a huge amount of emails to answer from people (sorry if you’re waiting) and many other things.

So today I popped over to the local farm shop as I support local businesses rather than the supermarkets if possible and as I approached my friend Gabi’s little business ( a burger van on the A24) i was behind a parked truck, I got out of my car and then saw the driver of this truck toss his coffee cup out of the window onto the grass verge, I instantly saw blood red, marched over, picked up the cup which I could feel still had (hopefully hot coffee/tea in it and threw it back through his open window landing on his lap and hopefully burning is bollocks !  “Are you mad ?” he shouted…”I’m f’ing furious you f’ing, bloody, ignorant fat old c…” I said (perfect rendition of a fishwife) ….his friend sitting beside looked embarrassed as I continued my rant about waste, littering not only the countryside but everywhere, and if he had children did he not think about what his behaviour was teaching them, also adding that if he didn’t have children maybe his scolded bollocks would hopefully stop him from procreating, all being said with a few more choice swear words.

If it’s one thing I cannot stand it is people like this, no respect for anything that’s not theirs etc…..I have not been this mad in a very very long time.

Miss O