After the most ridiculous night of no sleep on Tuesday night I managed to stay awake all yesterday and about 10:45 last night was just about to go upstairs and prepare for a wonderful night of hopefully great sleep….then I got a message on my phone from a friend who hasn’t been well recently.

She was in a very bad way and I just threw on my coat over my loungewear and slippers and drove to her house to see what I could do for her but it resulted in me being very worried for her and the accident and emergency dept was the only answer.

From 11:30 until 4:40 I was at the hospital finally crawling into bed at 5am this morning knowing I had to be up 3 hours later for a doctors appointment myself.

At 12:30 I had a bathtime spanking booked which was wonderful and I think giving the spanking gave me the energy to continue the day as I had to return to the hospital this afternoon and then walk the hounds.

Ive not even had time to eat properly today but in a minute I shall make myself a mug of Horlicks and take myself off to my bed which appears to have become a stranger over the past few hours.

You maybe wondering why I’m even blogging about this but as I said before, I want to write more on my site but it doesn’t always have to be about Cp….does it ?

Tomorrow I may even write about Brexit 🤣

I have some emails to catch up on which I meant to do yesterday so please forgive me if waiting as I will reply tomorrow when I have a spanking free day and hopefully a day without drama.

My lovely friend is not well but she will be in time, she’s a very special friend and the one that looked after me like a mother when I first had my knee replacement.

Real friends are very rare and we must treasure them, not everyone has even just one friend that they can count on so I count myself incredibly lucky.

Miss O