So, as you probably know I advertise on the wonderful site ITC, it really is very good but has bits that I personally don’t like, I don’t like that some of the advertisers are “working ladies” that throw a bit of spanking into the mix of sex so they can advertise on a primarily cp website…how on earth do gentlemen that seek a jolly good spanking etc find the lady that will suit their needs, a lady that truly believes in cp, loves it and has it in her daily life…but they are just my thoughts after many gents that I see say that they’ve had bad service from ladies they thought were truly into the world of cp. I like the website and get to meet many lovely gents from it. It also has a forum where you can discuss needs, desires, get recommendations for ladies etc, another great tool to get the information that one seeks.

Then we have other sites that have forums, The Hang, Dickie Virgin, Miss Lisa cp, British Spanking.. all very good, allow advertising and have forums to again discuss things, Dickie Virgin… personal overseas favourite and a site owner that has helped me no end in my overseas travel schedule.

At the moment we have people falling out with each other in the world of forums, who said what to who, who visited who and who did what, who is who and who actually cares in my opinion.

Surely the world of cp is something we all have a love of so why can’t we then love one another for all our faults, why is it that we just can’t all get along ?

So, what we have is differences…isn’t that great that we can’t agree, that we don’t agree, what isn’t so great is that some can’t seem to disagree without being nasty, without slinging mud about.

If we all put our energy into spanking bottoms and not into hurting each other’s feelings then wouldn’t that be better ?

Now, if you’re reading this and wondering why, when you’ve seen me commenting on forums in the past that I’ve not been commenting recently the above will give you some of the reasons why.

I think I ought to start my own forum (not that I have the time sadly or inclination) but if there was one it wouldn’t be censored, posts removed etc, I believe in freedom of speech and in the past I’ve had posts deleted as they’ve not met with site owners approvals….but then maybe it’d be called “Rose tinted Spanking forum” to match my world of wanting to see everything through rose tinted glasses….and my love of seeing rose tinted bottom cheeks 🙂

So, I’m sad to say that I am not going to comment on any forums in the future.

When I started working professionally in the fabulous world of cp I never spoke, mixed or knew any other cp professional, I kept myself away from everyone preferring to keep myself to myself….I now will go back into my little solo world and start again.

Miss Ophelia