Delayed !

Hello all,

I hate more than anything lateness, lateness for appointments, lateness in transport, lateness in replying to emails….just lateness in general, I feel that there’s really no excuse.

Now, imagine how I have been feeling in finding myself being late…I have had many emails to return, phone calls to be returned and I’ve been late in returning them.

I am writing this just as a quick apology in for those waiting for me to get back to them and for everyone I met in New York.

Firstly New York…..I will be emailing everyone that came to see me and have meant to do this on my return, each and every person that found themselves over my lap was the most lovely person, fabulous stories of spanking that were shared and I’m so very thankful…I can’t bleat on about how welcome I was made to feel by everybody..THANK YOU.

On my return and the reason for the delay was that my little elderly dog Prunella whom I loved so dearly was put to sleep peacefully here in the cottage being cuddled by myself last Wednesday…it was an incredibly difficult decision to make but it had to be made and I have for the last week felt so very lost and upset that I have not been able to sit down and answer everyone that has sent their best wishes etc with regards to her and myself.

From the bottom of my heart I want to say I feel very humbled by your comments…it has meant so much at a very sad time.

I am however back……and in fine form, refreshed physically and mentally and my hand is itching again to start spanking those bottoms once again.

I will, as I’ve said be contacting everyone that I saw in New York and I look forward to returning in February 2016.

As for all you naughty boys here in the UK …… things to declare, admit….? Of course you have…..I can’t think for one minute that your behaviour has been impeccable whilst I’ve been away.

Or indeed that you just need the feel of being over my lap once again….for that bottom to be warmed…seeing as though it’s not being warmed in the lack of sun from our British summer.

I look forward to seeing you all

Miss Ophelia