ophelia de havilland bannerHello all, I’m having a 01:16 rant !

Why is it that some people think it acceptable to make a booking and then simply not turn up ? I am extremely fortunate to have very few “no shows” so when they do come they are hard to take.

Now, what makes today’s no show very hard to take is that it was from someone I have seen on many occasions, a very nice gentleman who has never let me down.

Us ladies consider some of you gentlemen friends of ours, you share personal moments and thoughts with us knowing that we can be trusted not to share said information, we listen to you when you have hard things to share and joyful things to share, we listen, sometimes advise (if needed or wanted), we are a shoulder to lean on and of course are here to give you what you want in the way of Cp…we are also human who have feelings, feelings that are sometimes hurt.

Why have I spent my time worrying that this gentleman has had a car accident on his way to see me, not an enjoyable way to spend a bank holiday, this person contacted me on Friday to change today’s appointment to an earlier time which I accommodated by getting up earlier, bathing, dressing for the session and looking my best, I have tried to call and text asking him to contact me but his phone has been off all day…until this evening when it rings but he still hasn’t answered me or my texts and not had the decency to tell me why he didn’t arrive.

Thank goodness I have so many decent gentlemen to see.

Rant over.

Miss O



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