I have tried to put lots of new photos of some of your spanked bottoms on my blog but can’t seem to do so myself so have just forwarded a few to my web design chap and he will put them in the gallery on my website, I will find out how to add them […]

Time flies

Time flies

Hello everybody, If you follow my twitter feed you will know why I have been absent for quite some time, for those of you that don’t know I will explain. Not long ago my elderly dog Prunella had a suspicious lump removed that came back as malignant then a couple of weeks ago 2 more […]

At your service !

At your service !

Last Saturday I got to spank one of my regulars who is so much fun to spank, whoever said that spanking has to be serious needs to watch my sessions sometimes. Yes, some gentlemen love a serious session but believe me, there are others that laugh their way throughout being over my knee….maybe it’s just […]

I’m back

Hello everybody, I wanted to apologise for my very delayed updates on my blog but can assure you all that I will now add things very regularly from now on, I have a few stories to tell and after last Saturdays spanking with a delightful regular a few funny things to tell too. Ok, let’s […]

To all that are waiting for replies…

I’m so very sorry if you have emailed me and still haven’t had a reply from me, here’s why.. For the last few weeks I have had terrible issues with my internet connection at home, I have written so many emails in reply to people who have emailed me only to find half way through […]

A perfect plum

A perfect plum

My friend gave me a bag of plums today from her garden, she said that there was a special one in the bag for me. When I opened it I found the “special one” and it certainly bought a smile to my face. A plum shaped as a bottom…perfect !

What would you like to see ?

Hello everybody, It’s time that I update my website with some lovely new photographs and new content. Now my lovely spankees old and new…what would YOU like to see ? What photographs would you like ? Do you have any preference to what you’d like to see me wearing, what would you like to see […]

An apology and kite surfing.

Hello everybody, Firstly an apology as I have been so rubbish at keeping my blog up and running as much as I have wanted to but I have had some issues with the ipad and when trying to post anything the writing all became very muddled, wouldn’t let me space words etc and generally it […]

Geneva tour

Hello,   I’m announcing that I shall be in Geneva Switzerland on the 2nd July to spank some naughty bottoms. I love the alpines and can’t wait to visit again. I am only going for a short while so if you would like to session with me there please send me an email. Miss Ophelia