Contact email mistake…

Hello, Please not that on my contact details there is a mistake….the email address is NOT but… or I will get this changed ASAP. Thank you


For some reason some of your emails that you’ve sent me disappear before I get to open them, if you have sent me an email recently and I’ve not replied can you please send again, text me or call. Thank you…I will try and sort the problem ASAP.

Rocks off….and it not being a Primal scream song !

For anyone that sends me comments via my blog or indeed in an email that say things along the lines of “I’ve been such a naughty boy…what will I expect from you if I make an appointment etc” …..what you will get is an unapproval of your comment via here so others cannot view it […]

Issues ! Please call

Hello, Just a very quick blog message to say if you have or indeed emailed me and had no reply please do contact me again….or call if possible. I seem to have some emails that have gone floating around the ether somewhere and I can’t seem to retrieve. So please don’t think I’m ignoring anyone. […]

Delayed !

Delayed !

Hello all, I hate more than anything lateness, lateness for appointments, lateness in transport, lateness in replying to emails….just lateness in general, I feel that there’s really no excuse. Now, imagine how I have been feeling in finding myself being late…I have had many emails to return, phone calls to be returned and I’ve been […]

A polite request

If you are considering a session with me may I ask that you direct that email to and not request details on here as I don’t look at this as often as I look at my emails and fear I may miss you. Thank you   Miss Ophelia


Hello all my spankees across the pond, I’m looking at coming to spank some more bottoms again at some stage in June. Will there be anyone wanting to be put over my knee I wonder ? Do let me know. Miss Ophelia