Susan and her errant husband Timothy you may use the art most severity that you can muster the punishment is completely deserved

I had a miscreant visit this week….this is the letter he bought along; Dear Miss Ophelia, I regularly play tennis with Geraldine and you may recall we met briefly at the tennis club last week. What an amazing discovery and story you articulated regarding her husband, Gerry. I have held uncomfortable suspicions that indeed my […]

Time flies

Time flies

Hello everybody, If you follow my twitter feed you will know why I have been absent for quite some time, for those of you that don’t know I will explain. Not long ago my elderly dog Prunella had a suspicious lump removed that came back as malignant then a couple of weeks ago 2 more […]

A must read for all

“I was used to looking at the carpet but this sight was a first: looking back, under the chair, I could see my own bottom reflected in the mirror that lent against the wall to her right hand side. Its angle and distance meant I could clearly and easily see her powerful thighs and my […]

Photo shoot

I thought….I’d give you a little taster of what I got up to last Friday. I had a fantastic photo shoot and within a couple of weeks my website will look a little different with new domestic discipline photos. As I don’t want to get you too excited at this moment in time….and I do […]

A right royal spanking

A right royal spanking

Yesterday I have the pleasure of seeing one of my regular gentleman who always likes to have a little bit of a joke while he’s here…..silly boy ! we do a little bit of role-play to set the scene and yesterday he wanted to play the young army cadet who after a week of training […]


I have just advertised that I will be in Los Angeles at the beginning of next year to spank some bottoms over the pond. I have advertised this early so I can gage the interest. I hope I have as much interest as I did when I was in New York earlier this year. So, […]

Who’d like to be spanked and filmed ?

Hello, Next Tuesday I am going to have a few photographs taken to add to my website and am also hopefully going to do some short filming. I am looking for people to come along for a spanking that don’t mind being filmed or photographed. I do not mind if your face is not shown..I […]