Susan and her errant husband Timothy you may use the art most severity that you can muster the punishment is completely deserved

I had a miscreant visit this week….this is the letter he bought along; Dear Miss Ophelia, I regularly play tennis with Geraldine and you may recall we met briefly at the tennis club last week. What an amazing discovery and story you articulated regarding her husband, Gerry. I have held uncomfortable suspicions that indeed my […]

A must read for all

“I was used to looking at the carpet but this sight was a first: looking back, under the chair, I could see my own bottom reflected in the mirror that lent against the wall to her right hand side. Its angle and distance meant I could clearly and easily see her powerful thighs and my […]

Thank you…

….for all of your suggestions regarding what you’d like to see on the updated website. the general consensus is that most would like to see me wearing my slippers and spanking with them. I believe that there are too many “domestic disciplinarians” that are in fact mistresses that include cp into their sessions whereas I […]