I have just advertised that I will be in Los Angeles at the beginning of next year to spank some bottoms over the pond.

I have advertised this early so I can gage the interest.

I hope I have as much interest as I did when I was in New York earlier this year.

So, if you can get to see me in LA please do….the pleasure will be all mine.

Miss Ophelia


  1. Jack H.

    I will be the first to raise my hand and look forward to a session when you are in town. Your credentials are impressive and right in my wheelhouse and I know this will be a win-win for us both. Be well and thank you for your time and consideration.

    1. opheliadh

      Hello Jack,

      I do like a hand that is raised.

      Thank you for your interest, it won’t be until the end of January I’m afraid but I’m in LA as a stopover.

      I will look forward to receiving you over my lap.

      Miss Ophelia

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