Bookings taken now for New York

So, come along and see how us British ladies dish out our spankings in the most traditional of English ways.

I will arrive into NYC on Monday 7th March and places are limited so do get in touch as soon as you can.

Secondly, I’m also looking at coming to Chicago in April….as one of my lovely gentlemen “Slippered Simon” tweeted earlier today ….

“In the “Windy City” imagine the air currents generated as a paddle descends to strike the deserving bottom over your knee-lucky Americans”

Indeed Simon….they are truly lucky !

Miss Ophelia


  1. Tom

    I live in Philadelphia and would love to be classically “trained ” by you during your upcoming USA visit. Perhaps Philadelphia? and I believe I can make it up to NYC, albeit only on Wednesdays. Please consider me and I do hope that you have a wonderful visit. Tom

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